Our team is drawn from a multitude of backgrounds including industry, consulting, corporate sector, accountancy and public sector.
Our clients benefit directly from our first-hand experience of the economic, contractual, liability and transactional issues specific to all sectors; ranging from pharma, retail, commodity, FMCG to infrastructure. 'Generalist' bankers are simply not sufficiently familiar with issues, such as environmental contractual provisions, carve-out issues, ongoing supply arrangements, sector regulation, and the players in each sub-sector to be able to adequately advise clients.
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BMAC M & A advisory services are for companies and investors from all industries and sectors. Through our many years of multi-sector focus, we have developed broad and deep transactional experience; sell-side, buy-side, joint venture, private companies, public offers, corporate carve-outs, LBOs and management buy-outs.

Our Business Edge
Our M & A Service Edge comes from years of experience in the Asian/US/European market. We focus on private businesses - understanding the level of personal investment made by promoters/owners to make their businesses, and taking care of their interests and concerns, which outweigh those of shareholders of public companies. Our team specializes in negotiation transactions, where we deal directly with buyers and sellers to identify true hidden value and opportunities in the interest of both and making them meet YOUR objectives.

We have niche on Proprietary deal, to help focus on transaction and offer attractive valuation with early closures. Our ability to walk off transactions at late stages, help us to focus on creating value for our client's long term strategy, and not stress on deal closing.

The team's depth of industry knowledge and transactional expertise will help you consider the right option for you and your business.
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